Favorite Jim & Dwight Pranks

6 Sep

If there is one component of The Office that has come to be the most popular, even expected, aspect of the show, it would be Jim Halpert‘s endless pranks on Dwight Schrute. Honestly, don’t we all have that one person we work with who really knows how to get under our skin? As much as we may want to create silly tricks of our own, we’ll leave the tricks to this professional prankster and hope someday we can do the same. For now, I’m going to share my top three favorite Jim and Dwight pranks. Enjoy!

Prank #1: Even after Jim transfers to the Stamford branch in Connecticut, he cannot resist pulling pranks on Dwight. In the episode “Branch Closing” from season 3, Jim admits that he stole a handful of Dwight’s stationary before leaving Scranton. He routinely sends Dwight faxes from none other than, “future Dwight”. On this particular morning, Dwight receives an urgent fax informing him that someone poisoned the coffee at 8 am. He must not let anyone drink the seemingly harmless coffee. Just as Dwight has learned this horrible truth, he looks up to see Stanley coming from the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee….poisoned coffee that is. In a panicked rush, Dwight sprints towards Stanley at full speed. Smack! In an instant Stanley’s coffee is splattered all over the floor. Although Dwight claims that he will thank him later, the last emotion Stanley is feeling for Dwight is gratitude.

Prank #2:  For the opening scene of the episode “Product Recall” which also appears during season 3, Jim performs what may be his most popular prank throughout the series. He enters the office wearing a mustard-colored shirt and curtly puts a briefcase on his desk. After placing a pair of drug store glasses on his unusually serious face, we see a stunning, yet hilarious recreation of Dwight. He continues to ask Dwight a question pertaining to one of Dwight’s favorite topics – bears.  Although Dwight realizes what Jim is trying to do, he remarks that “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”. Dwight quickly forgets this when Jim presents his own Battlestar Galactica bobble head. Enraged, Dwight makes a heated outburst about the seriousness of identity theft. This provokes Jim to storm into Michael’s office, with an identical Dwight following in his footsteps. At the end of the episode, Dwight adopts Jim’s messenger bag and signature smirk in an attempt to take revenge on him. Amusing, but amateur compared to Jim’s performance to say the least.

Prank #3: My third most favorite prank happens during Season 5 in “Business Ethics“. During a meeting about common workplace offenses, Dwight claims that he has never stolen any company time. Disbelieving this, Jim makes it his duty to ensure Dwight’s perfect work ethic continue unscathed. With the help of a stopwatch, he records Dwight’s first offense – a four second yawn. Dwight scoffs at Jim’s childish scheme, but abruptly returns to work when he sees that Jim is still recording. The ultimate test of Dwight’s work ethic comes when Jim strikes up a casual conversation with Andy Bernard, who sits mere feet behind Dwight. Jim advertently butchers Dwight’s favorite television shows and movies, while Dwight painstakingly sits by and cringes at Jim’s false accounts. When Dwight later returns after being gone for nineteen minutes and forty-eight seconds, he refuses to tell Jim where he was (although we all know he was “knocking the boots” with Angela) and admits that he may not be entirely ethical after all.

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