The Mystery Of Creed

6 Sep

The Officea show centered around the characters of Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beasley and Dwight Schrute, has many other characters who are an integral part of the series. One character, however, has always stood out in a sort of creepy, endearing way. I am talking about the one, the only Creed Bratton. Who exactly is Creed though? On the surface we know Creed as Scranton’s Quality Assurance representative, or as creed refers to it, “Quabity Assurance”. However, there is much more to Creed than that. Creed Bratton is exactly who we think he is…Creed Bratton.

Creed Bratton (born William Charles Schneider) actually plays a fictional version of himself on The Office. In the episode “Money” during Season 3, Creed shows viewers a passport he uses to declare bankruptcy with his real birth name and date. In a deleted scene from “Booze Cruise” in season 2, Creed tells the camera that he used to be in a band called The Grass Roots. Coincidentally, non-fiction Creed once really was apart of a band with that exact name during the sixties. Leave it up to Creed to have a sneaky alter- or not so alter – ego.

There is only one word to describe Creed – eccentric. His coworkers are frequently thrown off by his odd and often unrelated comments. Throughout the series, he admits that he was once a homeless man, has a foot with only four toes, can understand, but not speak the pirate language Parlay, and manages a fake ID operation from his Lincoln. Creed has also been the mastermind behind a few dishonest tricks, including a fake “dieting” worm he sold Kelly in “Weight Loss” and using a paper mill manager as a scapegoat for his slip-up at work in “Product Recall”.

Creed also doesn’t have the sharpest memory. In “The Convention”, Creed nonchalantly introduces himself to Meredith, although he has sat across from her for years. He also gives Angela a completely incorrect description of a fight that had happened in the office between Roy and Jim in “The Negotiation”. In season 5’s “Crime-Aid“, Creed says that the last person to steal from him disappeared…and that persons name? Creed Bratton. In “Murder” from season 6, Creed quickly disappears after Michael tells him that he is a suspect in a murder case (although Michael was merely talking about a board game). It seems strange that Creed could become so upset about someone stealing from him, since viewers have witnessed him stealing blood donation bags, poker chips and wrongfully claiming a gift to Phyllis and Bob at their wedding by switching the card. Regardless, Creed has become a favorite character to many viewers of The Office and I’m sure he will continue to stun viewers in Season 9.

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