Top Three Heartbreaking Moments

7 Sep

#1: If I had been watching The Office around this time I might have been a little upset that I had to wait until the next season for this. This season 3 premiere picks up right where the season 2 finale left off – Jim embracing Pam and exchanging a long overdue kiss – in my opinion anyway. At this point viewers are aware of Jim’s transfer to the Stamford branch in the near future. After openly admitting his love for Pam once to no avail, he makes one last attempt to win her over. Pam admits that she has also always wanted to kiss Jim. To Jim’s disappointment, however, she refuses to continue because of her engagement to Roy Anderson, who works in the warehouse. In the moment that follows, any hope viewers had of ever seeing Jim and Pam become a couple slips away like Jim’s hands.

#2: As strange and offbeat as Dwight and Angela‘s relationship is, I have to admit I tear up every time I watch this episode. In “Crime Aid“, the fifth episode of season 5, Dwight gives Angela an ultimatum – she must make a final decision whether she wants to be with Andrew Bernard or him. Although she is engaged to Andy at the time, Dwight and Angela have an affair throughout seasons 4 and 5. The scheduled time has arrived – 6:14 pm – Dwight looks to Angela for her decision. Ignoring Dwight, she sternly turns her attention to Andy. As Dwight agonizingly realizes that he has not been chosen, his heart, along with viewers’ hearts, sinks. The accompaniment of Hank the security guard’s soulful blues playing on stage really ties together this tear-jerking scene.

#3: I hope you guys have your tissues ready, because I’m about to reveal the saddest moment on television. I couldn’t believe Steve Carell could ever actually leave The Office, and “Goodbye Michael” from season 7 really proved why. The day begins like any other – Michael doing something ridiculous and Dwight doing something more ridiculous – but viewers know that this is no normal episode. Michael suffers a mini emotional breakdown when he realizes what he is giving up, but a quick talk with his fiance Holly Flax calms him down. Dwight has become resentful of Michael for choosing DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) for regional manager over himself. As he reads Michael’s letter of recommendation however, he finds that Michael has described him as superlative – of the highest kind, quality, or order – as both a salesman and a friend. I thought I said I wasn’t going to cry! As Michael frantically hurries around the office to continue his last goodbyes, Jim realizes that Michael is really leaving today. When Jim confronts him they casually decide they will save their goodbyes for tomorrow – a bittersweet moment viewers know will never come. If you have been able to hold back the tears until now, get ready. Pam, who played hooky, rushes onto the screen as Michael walks away from the camera for one last time. They exchange an unrecorded conversation and Pam devastatingly watches his plane fly into the distance. Bravo scriptwriters, for breaking the hearts of millions of viewers across the country. Well done. 

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