Roy’s Wedding

2 Oct

I have put Roy so far out of my mind in the scope of The Office that it was surprising, yet refreshing to see a classic character in the midst of all the season 9 weirdness. Although by the title of the episode Roy obviously is in a committed relationship with another woman, my loyalty to Jim and Pam made me fear for the worse. Fortunately, Roy’s presence did not interfere with Jim and Pam – at least not in the way that I had expected.Roy’s character has undergone a dramatic transformation since we saw him last in season 5’s “Crime Aid“. He has taken the time to learn piano for his fiance and performs a song where he simultaneously sings. Is this the same guy who said his Valentine’s present to Pam was “the best sex of her life” in season 2? When Jim and Roy have a minute to converse, Roy says that his success is from his gravel business. There is a mild streak of envy, yet inspiration, in Jim’s expression since he is also working on a business venture. The only problem with this is that he hasn’t told Pam; ironically the problem that Jim and Pam run into in this premiere follow-up is the lack of mystery in their relationship. They desperately search their minds for any stray, unknown stories but fail to surprise each other. Pam is obviously onto Jim’s secretiveness, so I guess she shouldn’t be worried…right?

Erin has proved to be very popular with the boys, hasn’t she? I’m sure viewers remember when Dwight and Andy once had feelings for her at the same time, but now there are even more boys crushing on the receptionist. Clark slyly takes advantage of the fact that Erin is a little bird-brained and convinces her to audition to be a “news anchor” in his apartment. Pete, who acts in order to protect Erin, smartly intervenes in Clark’s perverted plans and gets Andy involved. While I thought Angela was the most oblivious character so far this season, Andy really lets this situation fly over his head. Although the outward bound retreat was supposed to improve Andy, I feel like the selfish Andy from seasons 3 and 4 returns here. Andy is so concerned about joining in on what was supposed to be Erin’s spotlight, he doesn’t even smell Clark’s intentions. But perhaps more importantly, he sends Erin away with Pete where we see the two enjoying a conversation over hamburgers in a diner. Andy should be more worried about these new guys than Jim and Dwight.

It seems that Dwight has an abundance of people to keep him occupied these days. After sneering at Nellie’s charity proposal project, Nellie makes it a point to ensure Dwight follows the rules of his “charity” of choice – the Taliban. One of Dwight’s priorities is loyalty, so when presented with the fact that he must cut off Nellie’s hand for stealing a pen, he plays along. Of course Nellie Bertram is up to something. Maybe she thinks that Dwight would be the easiest to get on her side although her method so far seems to be to distract him with silly activities. However, by the end of the episode the two are merely enjoying 127 Hours together – although there may be one too many meat cleavers around for comfort. While Dwight pursued Nellie to secure a manager position in season 8, I don’t think this is the beginning of a relationship. At the most it may be a fling. I also would like to know more about Darryl and Val, although I feel like it is a good start that she is at least making an appearance in this season. There are so many dynamic relationships happening this season, it is hard to say who will end up with who.

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