The New Guys

2 Oct

The appropriately termed ‘Farewell Season’ has arrived ladies and gentlemen. After almost ten years, the creators and cast are finally calling it quits. While many viewers claim that The Office should have ended when Steve Carell left, I think season 9 will serve as an important season to allow conclusions to happen naturally for the rest of the characters, instead of a forced ending. Aside from this, there are a number of plot lines set up with the season premiere “The New Guys”. Did anyone else notice that Kevin ran over the turtle in the exact same spot that Michael Scott hit Meredith with his car? Besides this not so coincidental coincidence….a turtle? The reptile that Michael Scott absolutely loved? I’m not sure about you guys, but if this doesn’t foreshadow a possible reappearance by Michael than I don’t know what does.

I was shocked to find out that Dwight wasn’t the father of Angela’s baby. However, I cannot fully come to believe that this story is finished. Perhaps Dwight accidentally grabbed a Halpert baby diaper out of the restroom on accident. Also, Ryan and Kelly have both departed to Ohio – Ryan obviously has the intention of trying to win back Kelly, but this seems like an all too familiar plot line with Andy and Erin in Florida during season 8. When Jim and Pam take their mics off, I have to admit that I was totally freaked out. It reminded me of watching Michael Scott, wireless, walking away from the camera for the last time. Jim and Pam also seem to display some sort of uneasiness during the premiere. Viewers learn that Jim is thinking of getting involved in a sports marketing business in Philadelphia with a college friend. In Jenna Fischer‘s interview about the farewell season on the subject of the ‘Jam’ relationship, she says that little clues from past seasons become relevant in the new season. Remember Jim’s ‘Second Life‘ virtual character from season 4’s “Local Ad“? He was a sports writer in Philly. Like I said, foreshadowing is heavy in this premiere.

I’m not sure if adding two new characters to The Office during its’ last season is a good move or not. At the moment, I feel that their presence is more of a distraction, but on the other hand they may serve as important contrast characters for Jim and Dwight. Jim’s contrast character Pete is played by Jake Lacy and Clark or “Dwight Jr.” is played by Clark Luke. While Jim initially feels no connection to Pete because of their failed sports similarities, Pete’s nonchalant view of his future ambitions quickly stirs Jim to action with the sports marketing plan. Dwight, who primarily felt a surrogate father connection with Clark, quickly identifies him as an enemy when he proposes a conniving plan to steal Dwight’s leads. Overall, I’m sure that the antics between Dwight and Clark will play out as some hilarious moments throughout the season. Viewers also learn that Oscar has joined the affair train of the office, as he is sleeping with Angela’s secretly homosexual husband, without her knowledge. Do I need to explain why this is another reason why the baby just has to be Dwight’s? When it comes to the new and perhaps alter-ego Andy, I’m still trying to guess exactly which direction his character will go. All I can say is that his revenge on Nellie is well deserved. Why does she all the sudden have this innocent aura about her character in season 9? Oh, and just for the record, I fully expected Dwight to die. Phew. 

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