Notable Guest Stars

4 Oct

Since The Office started in 2005, there have been a considerable amount of guest stars flooding the screen. While some have played a more intricate role to the story line, others have been small, episode-long appearances that were hilarious nonetheless. Regardless I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about The Office‘s most memorable guest stars throughout the past eight seasons.

#1: Karen Filippelli (Rashida Jones) While ultimately I dislike Karen for keeping Jim and Pam apart, you have to admit that she kind of got the bum end of the deal. Not only does she pick up her whole life and move to Scranton to be with Jim, but she also offers to move to New York if he were to get the job at corporate. During season 3 she uncomfortably lingers around Scranton after discovering that Jim still has feelings for Pam, resulting in an awkward relationship between her and Jim. Poor girl. However, I think her character was an important dynamic in the creation of what Jim and Pam became in future seasons. Viewers not only got to see Jim’s reaction to Pam being with Roy, but also Pam’s painful, heartbroken expressions when watching Jim with Karen. The adoration for this romantic duo would not be as greatly appreciated if it had happened so easily. I was, however, glad to see a happier Karen in season 5’s “Lecture Circuit“. Not only was she happily married but she also had a baby on the way. The hilarious cameo in “Threat Level Midnight” during season 7 reminds viewers that she was also a funny character. I hope she has another cameo during season 9.

#2: DeAngelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) Initially I was thrilled to hear that Will Ferrell would be taking Steve Carell‘s place in The Officebut my enthusiasm quickly faded as his character, DeAngelo, was further revealed. This is easily due to the fact that as a dedicated Office fan, I was expecting nothing short of fantastic for the person coming in to fill Michael Scott‘s shoes as regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. I thought that since Ferrell and Carell had already acted together the fit would be seamless, but unfortunately there is only one Michael Scott. However, DeAngelo had some hilarious scenes throughout his presence at the end of season 7. I don’t think I have ever seen such advanced fake juggling in my life. An aspect of this character that I enjoyed was that he played favorites, something every person has experienced in the modern-day workplace. The scriptwriters further made DeAngelo different from Michael in that he did not care for Jim and Pam, or their baby. This was a hilarious contrast from Michael because he constantly begged and even tried tricking the couple into spending time with him outside the office. I believe the most important thing that DeAngelo did for the show was set the stage for season 8, which was by far the strangest and most different season, just like DeAngelo.

#3: How could I not mention Ricky Gervais? Not only is he the basis for Michael Scott’s character, he is also the creator of the original BBC British series The Office, for which an American adaptation was made (also by Gervais). Although his appearance is brief, the moment we witness the encounter between the ‘Michael Scotts’ is uncanny. Viewers of the American version are aware of the treasure trove of characters Michael has – from Michael Klump to Orville Tootenbacher to BlindGuy McSqueazy – so naturally Gervais’ character, David Brent, had one of his own. Ping. While the description of this character was bleeped, we know that the character presented a somewhat racist play on a certain ethnicity(I’m sure you can guess). This parallels Michael’s own immature views on race, as he often refers to Stanley as having an “urban vibe”. Cue the miracle music. Gervais then strikes a heart string of not only the audience but of Michael when he follows what would usually be an innocent statement with none other than – that’s what she said! I wish that I could meet the scriptwriters just as well as the cast, because whoever came up with this skit is a genius.This was such a clever and funny way to start off season 7’s “Small Business”, but more importantly to pay homage to the original series.

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