Andy’s Ancestry

8 Oct

I wish I had already seen the intro to this episode before I wrote Favorite Jim & Dwight Pranks, because this may have been included. The workday begins just like any other in the office, until Dwight notices Jim’s new appearance – Asian Jim that is! A baffled Dwight puts the supposed Jim through a series of tests to assess his true identity, in which “Jim” passes them all. Pam, obviously in on the prank, further perplexes Dwight when she nonchalantly kisses Asian Jim after proposing a dinner idea. Dwight looks so disgusted by this I literally laughed out loud. But how could a photo of the real Halpert family lie? It can’t – so Dwight turns to his last hope of evidence –  only to discover a family photo complete with an Asian Cece and Philip, sending Dwight into a muster of disbelief. Asian Jim, Steve, is played by Randall Park. He has also appeared in Dinner for Schmucks and multiple television sitcoms including Community and New Girland further displays his comedic talent in this hilarious installment in The Office

As for the rest of the episode…Yikes. What is Andy‘s problem?! As I said in the last episode where he stole Erin‘s spotlight, Andy continues to take up center stage with all of his drama. I’m not sure if the scriptwriters are trying to echo a dramatic Michael Scott, but I feel that it doesn’t have the same effect. In an effort to impress Andy and his family, we learn that Erin is attempting to learn French. With Dwight’s misguided guidance however, she vies for Dothraki instead, a made up language (although she didn’t know this) from the popular television series Game of Thrones. When Erin eagerly shows off her new language accomplishments, Andy harshly categorizes her efforts as a “nerd-out”. Ugh! I have never been so upset with Andy throughout the series as I was after this scene. His arrogance is going to cost him the girl who he drove all the way to Florida for – and at this point I feel that he deserves it. Pete, however, gained some major points with me at the end of the episode when he addresses Erin in Dothraki, showing that he took the time and interest to learn a couple of phrases himself – just for Erin. Quite the player, huh? Erin, however, is not the only person who Andy’s selfishness is effecting. Viewers are made aware of Darryl’s growing dissatisfaction with his position as assistant regional manager. He spends the episode trying to grab Andy’s attention for what he calls “life-hacking”, or things that will increase productivity throughout one’s day-to-day activities.  To his frustration, Andy is so caught up in the horror that his family may have been slave owners that he completely ignores Darryl’s ideas. Andy is really on thin ice with everyone in the office nowadays.

During this episode viewers also see the development of a friendship between Nellie and Pam – or is it just the advancement of Nellie’s “plan”? Pam has a recurring need to do something dangerous or crazy – and Nellie plays on this. Remember Pam’s speech from Season 5’s “Two Weeks”? She exclaims to Michael that she gets bored and in order to break out of the day-to-day she does something crazy and impulsive – which she often regrets later. When Nellie offers Pam (who she deems a “dangerous muralist”) the warehouse wall to paint a mural on, Pam’s eyes light up. Nellie has her in the palm of her hand. Pam is also an easy target for Nellie to manipulate because she is the only one nice enough to indulge her. However, a red flag should have popped up in Pam’s mind when Nellie confessed to faking Andy’s relation to Michelle Obama. Pam though, feels so comfortable with Nellie she even opens up about her suspicions of Jim. On a side note, I have to say that I’m glad the script isn’t going in a soap-opera fashioned dramatic affair type of direction. In the midst of all this ‘Jam’ drama, the writers gave viewers some comedic relief when Pam joins in on Nellie’s prank and slyly makes Jim believe he is related to Richard Nixon. The nose grab – and pause – was hilarious. Later, when Jim shares his business prospect with Darryl, he becomes more excited. Darryl, though, is the one to tell Jim that he has to tell Pam. Jim is filled with blind relief after confessing about his side project. On the other hand, Pam is still in disbelief that he didn’t share his secret with her sooner, only setting the stage for more rocky episodes for Jim and Pam. Sigh. I was also disappointed that this intimate moment between Jim and Pam was hidden for the most part from viewers. The audience has been apart of countless defining moments in their evolution and I don’t think that viewers can afford to miss anything with so few episodes left before the farewell season is over.


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