Top 3 Michael Vs. Toby Episodes

15 Oct

Although viewers may never know what truly spurs Michael’s deep, hostile hatred for Toby, the scenarios that ensue are hilarious nonetheless. The workers in the office have just recently learned of Toby’s decision to go to Costa Rica and in season 4’s “Goodbye Toby” they throw a going away party for him. Well kind of for him, but we’ll get to that. The intro to the episode features an ecstatic Michael, prancing around the office with nothing but pure joy.
Michael gleefully claims that he was so excited for Toby’s last day that he couldn’t sleep the night before. He is even so anxious that he starts a count down until Toby is gone forever. Perhaps the most hilarious scene from this episode is Toby’s exit interview – undoubtedly botched by Holly and Pam‘s presence.  Viewers only get a glimpse of the ruthless exit interview Michael had planned for defenseless Toby when he begins a blatant statement calling Toby an idiot. Also, the condescending and insulting questions Michael had planned take on an awkward and uncomfortable spin in Michael’s efforts to cover their blatant offensiveness – classic. And of course Toby’s going away present is nothing less of endearing – a rock that reads “Suck On This!”. I’m still waiting for the perfect opportunity to give this as a gag gift to someone. Michael takes his loathe for Toby to a musical platform later in the episode when he repeatedly sings “Toby’s going away!”, to which Toby makes no effort to stick up for himself. In the end of this episode though, the saddest thing was that this wasn’t really a party for Toby at all – merely an excuse for Michael to display his hatred for Toby in an amusing way. The extravagant fireworks were for Jim’s proposal to Pam while the Ferris wheel and bounce house were Phyllis’ efforts to out show Angela. Andy even stole the spotlight when he uses the party to propose to Angela. The episode serves its purpose though – nobody cares about Toby.

I think the most famous display of animosity toward Toby is from the beginning of season 5’s “Frame Toby“. Michael, unaware that Toby has returned from Costa Rica, does not take the news lightly. The look on his face when he sees Toby is one of the utmost abhorrence followed by a fury-fueled outcry. I often think of this scene when something absolutely horrible happens in my own life After failing to convince David Wallace to fire Toby, Michael does the unthinkable – he attempts to have a casual conversation with him. To no surprise of the viewer, Michael appears to become physically sick as Toby, the “evil snail”, talks about his vacation. A for effort right? With Dwight’s help, Michael begins working on a scheme to have Toby fired. The first is halted by Pam – who they use to ultimately get Toby fired for sexually harassment. They then attempt to engage Toby in a physical altercation when Michael rudely swats photos out of Toby’s hand and tries taunting him. Of course, the level-headed and mellow Toby refuses – even though Ryan and Kelly are acting as cheerleaders in the background. Their last attempt is to frame Toby for possessing drugs, a.k.a. a very expensive salad! At the moment that Michael’s goal is accomplished, despite his great hatred for Toby, he caves in and confesses the “drugs” are his. This feeling of remorse quickly turns into disgust though, when Toby expresses his concern for the taxpayer and waste of the cops’ time. Isn’t Toby the worst?

In season 7’s “Counseling” viewers are exposed to another episode long spectacle of Toby-Hating extravaganza. Michael is assigned six hours of mandatory counseling after he gives corporal punishment to his nephew, Luke – but more importantly a Dunder Mifflin employee. As bad as this may sound, it only gets worse for Michael when he learns that Scranton’s own Toby Flenderson is a licensed counselor, to which he proudly displays his certificates. Six hours of counseling with Toby might as well be a death sentence for Michael…or for Toby, it is a little hard to say. Michael is further enraged when he discovers that the first hour of silence does not count, but quickly comes up with a way to remedy this situation. Michael starts making up ridiculous and immature stories, including how he was raised by wolves, and a few other unmentionables. A sly Toby however, suggests that they take a break from the counseling and just play a couple of games. Michael, distracted by the games, unsuspectingly opens up about his step-dad, Jeff – and Toby is thrilled. It doesn’t take long, however, for Michael to realize what has happened and he flips his lid. Besides calling Toby a son of a b****, he lashes out with multiple verbal insults towards Toby, ultimately forcing him to dismiss the counseling sessions. The only prescription is for Toby and it is two middle fingers which Michael instructs for him to take two of and call him in the morning – hilarious writing. When Toby and Michael find that the forms were accidentally marked “suicidal”, Michael’s initial reaction is to blame Toby – but Gabe quickly becomes a scapegoat for the mistake. This episode, unlike any other Michael vs Toby moment, ends on an oddly upbeat note. Michael simply agrees to finish the assigned counseling with Toby – no slurs, insults or arguments. Any avid fan of The Office however, knows that this is a diamond in the rough. What kind of world would we live in if Michael and Toby were friends?


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