Here Comes Treble

5 Nov

Perhaps the scariest thing about this Halloween episode is that it is the last Halloween episode of The Office ever. Sigh. But before I go off on too much of a tangent, let’s talk about the intro, which I can adequately describe in one word – Hysterical. Dwight scares Erin by effortlessly putting his head inside of a pumpkin – if only it was as simple to get it out. Jim, being the good person he is, attempts to help Dwight by offering to cut the pumpkin off with a knife or smash it with a bat, which he generously demonstrates. Not the two greatest options, so obviously Dwight vies for waiting for the pumpkin to rot off. That’s better, right? The nonchalant way that Dwight’s voiceover sounds over how ridiculous he looks sitting in the conference room with a pumpkin on his head was hilarious. Overall, a super funny intro which had me laughing until the end of the theme.

One of my favorite things about this episode was that it actually felt like a classic episode of The Office, with obvious exceptions of course. A blood-covered Creed pleased by the convenience of Halloween really embodied the creepy essence we’ve all come to know and love, while amorous Meredith approaches Andy‘s A Capella group like a hungry tiger. There is even a connection to season 3’s “Business School” when Dwight trapped a bat over Meredith’s head, similar to now when he encloses her in a giant net for being a suspected drug user. The fact that Dwight is on a hunt for a drug user in the office itself mirrors his antics in “Drug Testing ” from season 2. However, this time he has the help of Nellie, awkwardly dressed as “sexy Toby“.  After Nellies confesses that she is the owner of the pill, Dwight desperately itches to get his hands on one. Although Nellie seems anxious to help Dwight, is this just another part of her “plan”? She could have dropped the pill on purpose, right? On a side note, let me just say…what in the world was going through Toby’s brain when he awkwardly sized up Nellie’s costume? I could barely watch this scene just because it was so awkward. Is he in love with himself? Obviously he feels no attraction towards Nellie because he becomes irate when she transforms back into herself. Overall though, completely lost on what exactly was happening here. And also, Oscar and the senator?! I really can’t wait to see how that goes public because all I know is that its going to be one of the most dramatic episodes ever.

There is a lot of drama between the sexes happening in this episode. In the first corner, we have Jim and Pam, still somewhat trying to resolve Pam’s feelings of being out of the loop for Jim’s leap into a new business venture. Although they joke about it in their joint talking head, viewers are aware that Pam still has hard feelings. These feelings only escalate after Jim returns from an investment lunch to tell Pam he invested ten thousand dollars in the new company, without really knowing what anyone else invested. I don’t think viewers have seen Pam this made since Michael Scott started dating her mom. Yikes! I really hope things don’t get worse between them than they already are. In the other corner we have Andy and Erin, who also appear to be on rocks, although not really to Andy’s knowledge. Since his A Capella group is visiting, he desperately tries to relive his college days on Cornell and re-sparks a rivalry from his long time “frenemy”, Broccoli Rob. I was thrilled when I found out that Stephen Colbert would be guest starring as Broccoli Rob, but when the moment came on the episode I was extremely disappointed. No live appearance, really? What a waste! Andy is enraged when Broccoli Rob steals not only his coveted nickname “Boner Champ” but also steals his signature song. We  also see the first glimpse of Erin’s dissatisfaction with their relationship when she openly calls Andy’s antics pathetic. She even defends her efforts to help Andy to an uninvolved Pete, showing that she cares about his opinion. Again,  Andy brings this on himself. He completely ignores everything Erin tells him in the conference room and does whatever he wants anyway. His image is really deteriorating, apparently, along with his family’s fortune.


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