The Boat

17 Nov

Once upon a time Michael Scott would have been the worst person to know your deepest, darkest secret, but I’m not sure how much of an improvement Kevin Malone is considered. However, the plot line setup for this episode is a hilarious idea. We have Oscar‘s logical, left-brained personality trying to reason with Kevin’s…uh, we’ll just say smaller brain. Throughout the episode Kevin comes dangerously close to blurting out the news about Oscar’s affair with the senator, Angela‘s husband. If you thought Oscar was walking on eggshells before, he now must constantly supervise Kevin to ensure that he doesn’t do the unthinkable. Angela’s typical, rude behavior makes the task even harder for Kevin, who would like nothing more than to tell her the shocking news. Oscar even attempts to frame Kevin for insider trading in an attempt to have him suspended from work. On a side note, viewers learn from Toby that the real Scranton Strangler may still be on the run! I knew it! Getting back to Kevin, his sudden outbursts explaining how he has to go to the bathroom are so funny, especially the one where he sprints from his car. I also could not help myself from laughing along with Kevin’s last talking head where he giggles uncontrollably at how horrible the situation is.

Of course, no episode would be complete without some sort of prank. Dwight, as usual, is the unsuspecting victim. Although the idea was sparked by Jim, he enlists the help of Pam, Nellie and Darryl to really play this one up. Dwight simply thinks that he will be discussing business on a talk radio interview, but things quickly take a turn for the worse. After ridiculously agreeing to strip down to his underwear, Dwight becomes frantic as Dunder Mifflin stock prices fall drastically because of the paper’s toxicity. Dwight is quick to turn the blame on David Wallace, the CEO, which only increases the prank’s potency. The joke reaches its prime when the prankers make Dwight believe that David has gone crazy and taken a mailman hostage. desperate Dwight reaches the solution that he must call David himself and talk him out of the hostage situation. Didn’t Darryl learn that pranking can backfire when he pranked Andy in season 6’s “New Leads“? However, David is unresponsive to Dwight’s calm and somewhat weird pleas to release the mailman and “radio hosts” have to resist from laughing on the other end. To Dwight’s knowledge however, he has successfully saved a man’s life and fixed Dunder Mifflin’s plummeting stock prices.

In this episode, Andy’s life is crumbling right in front of him, as his father has left the country with another woman, his family has lost their fortune and his brother is in rehab for alcoholism. As Erin, Oscar and Darryl go over his possessions and expenses, it appears that the most viable option would be to sell Andy’s family boat, but Andy refuses to acknowledge this as an option.  The boat, much like his affiliation with Cornell, is something Andy is very connected to. Erin makes her best effort to cheer Andy up throughout the episode, even donning silly watermelon teeth, which Andy completely ignores. Erin, being the amazing girlfriend she is, convinces Andy that they should drive to Stamford to say goodbye to the boat. Andy desperately wants to sail the boat  instead of merely eating lunch inside.  After some rather “salty” opposition from the boat’s new buyer, he makes the decision to sail to the Bahamas. Surprisingly, he finds his brother drunk and passed out in the wine room and convinces him to come along. Andy ignorantly tells Erin she is the best girlfriend as he and his brother sail away into the sunset, leaving Erin alone on the dock. She expresses her disappointment that Andy did not ask her to come along on his private cruise. When she arrives back at the office she agrees to go out for a drink with Pete. Uh oh! As far as that thin ice that Andy’s been on, I think it just cracked!

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