The Whale

19 Nov

Every episode I can’t expect things to get any worse for Andy, but the intro to this week’s episode totally proved me wrong. The workers in the office witness a very sun-burnt and delirious Andy who is stranded at sea.  After successfully managing to lose his only two sources of drinking water, he then loses the laptop and all contact with Andy is lost through a watery lens. Erin‘s face expresses her obvious embarrassment at Andy’s situation. In this episode Jim is also having struggles of his own. Things haven’t been going very smoothly with the new company in Philly he is helping start. He desperately tries to stay connected through teleconferences but the activities of the business park prove to be too distracting. The tone of his colleague on the phone sounds unimpressed and the audience, but more so Jim, are left in doubt when he tells Jim that it just isn’t working. I’m not sure why Jim isn’t calling more shots. He invested too, right? Also, what is happening to Toby this season? He is getting so…weird. He convinces Kevin and the guys in the annex to participate in “Movember”, which he appears to be extremely excited about. However, it’s obvious that the guys aren’t as excited and are kind of bugged by Toby. He seems to just be the older weird guy who is forcing a way to fit in. Awkward.

This episode continues to unfold Oscar‘s affair with the senator, except this time Angela openly confides in Oscar her fears that he may be cheating. Of course, viewers and Oscar are already more than aware of this. When Angela mentions the asexual name, Blake, Oscar begins to console her by saying Blake could also be a man, but then shares her concern. He volunteers to go with Angela to the yoga studio to sniff out his suspicious behavior, although Angela just thinks Oscar is helping her. At the moment that Angela is relieved to find out that Blake is a girl with a boyfriend, the senator appears to be more focused on a male yoga partner. When Oscar first raises the question of the senator possibly being gay, Angela’s face is one of disgust and confusion. I couldn’t even believe that Oscar brought the subject up with Angela. When the senator leaves the studio to make a phone call, Oscar’s phone just so happens to begin ringing and he appears to be hiding the screen from Angela, which she obviously notices. I literally thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head at the moment that Angela realizes what is going on. She kind of had it coming to her though, right?

Although I must agree with Pam when I say that Jan is perhaps one of the most hostile and frightening characters on The Office ever, I was excited to see her on the show after a whole season’s absence. I knew whose office they were in as soon as I saw the candle labeled ‘Serenity’.  As it turns out, Jan is more insane than before, as her entire reason for arranging a meeting with Dunder Mifflin was to ambush David Wallace, who fired her in season 3’s finale “The Job”. She even had her poor assistant run out of her office in tears. Woah. Before the meeting, Dwight had been receiving coaching to improve his sales pitch to women. Luck for him though, Jan does not count as a normal woman and he comes up with a pitch tailored specifically for her. Dwight reappears with Clark, who he basically “assigns” to Jan to make the sale. Of course, viewers know from earlier in the season that Clark is a little naughty himself, so he happily obliges.  I was also excited that my long time suspicion that Jan slept with her old assistant was confirmed in this scene. Her assistant, Hunter, had a song which Jan danced to in season 4’s “Dinner Party” where the lyrics read, “You took me by the hand/ Made me a man/ That one night/ You made everything alright”. Um, I don’t think it can get more obvious than that, right? Overall, this episode had a ton of exciting developments and I can only imagine what crazy antics will follow in next week’s episode.

2 Responses to “The Whale”

  1. Abbas Karimjee November 23, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    Thank you for a great overview of the episode. This episode had some great elements which you captured well on your blog.

    Particularly, I agree with your perspective on how it was unvelievable how oscar brought the subject of quesiomng the senator;s seuality as sich a sispicjon would nevtibly lead Angela to discover his secret affair.

    Also, your comments about Jan returning and her insanity having increased are factors which I resonated with as with.

    Also, thank you for your link to my blog. If you like, you can follow along through Facebook @!/pages/Abbas-Karimjees-Weblog/151351791566700?fref=ts. There will be details on the show’s coverage there, including my upcoming interviews with Oscar Nunez and Jake Lacy.


    • ktylosky November 23, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I’m always happy to share my reviews and rants with other office fanatics 🙂 And also that’s very exciting to hear that you will be interviewing Oscar Nunez and Jake Lacey! I would die at the opportunity to meet anyone from the show. Keep blogging and thanks for your feedback! Check back anytime!


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