Dwight Christmas

13 Dec

Admirable or Impish?I never thought it would happen – the very last Christmas episode of The Office ever! But what I don’t understand is how could everyone in the office almost forget about Christmas altogether? After some banter about what to do about the matter followed by an emergency party planning committee meeting, the workers decide to do Dwight‘s quaint, German styled Christmas.As usual, Dwight puts all his energy into this project. This Christmas is complete with “glow wine”, a weird meat entrée, a German poem reading and a dirty Santa Clause called Bershnickle played by none other than Dwight himself. When the time comes for Bershnickle to decide whether people have been “admirable or impish”, people will either be rewarded with a quirky gift or met with a swift whip. Yikes! Obviously Dwight decides that Oscar has been impish because of recent events, although Oscar has been awkwardly trying to defend Angela’s convictions ever since. As soon as Jim decides to leave the party though, Jim receives an even harsher blow from Bershnickle. Dwight is even so upset at Jim’s absence that he throws out the entire party after watching Jim leave.

See ya Andy!The development between Pete and Erin continues in this episode as well. When Pete discovers that Erin has not seen DieHard, he boastfully claims that he can recite the entire movie and the challenge ensues. Later, Erin receives a less than romantic email from Andy where he not-surprisingly talks about only himself without ever once inquiring about how things are going with Erin. He does not even stop to say that he misses her or loves her. Ouch. Erin, obviously upset, demands that they watch the movie instead of continuing with the recital. Alone in the dim light of Andy’s vacant office, Erin starts crying in front of Pete over Andy. Although she first refuses Pete’s affection by saying that she is still with Andy, she then tells him to leave his arm around her. I honestly cannot say that I am upset about this because Andy has already left Erin behind.

"She's got this Emma Stone thing..."Although he isn’t the first person in the office to plot on Jim Halpert, Darryl really turns into a crazy person in this episode. Afraid that Jim has forgotten to include him in his sports marketing business, Darryl drinks a little too much “glow wine” and becomes , let’s say, animated. He even foolishly mistakes Meredith for being cute, claiming she has a Emma Stone look going on. Ha! When he charges into the conference room to confront him, Jim tells Darryl the good news that he will be involved just in time. A drunk Darryl then falls on top of the table with all the Christmas goodies. Hilarious. Pam and Dwight are still both feeling sad about Jim leaving for Philly. However, at the moment that Jim walks back in the office, Dwight is the first one to rush into Jim’s arm. They continue the celebration by breaking the pig rib and Nellie and Toby seem to be celebrating themselves in the kitchen. Last time I checked Toby wasn’t attracted to Nellie, but the surprise ending to this episode proved me wrong! And with all this Scranton Strangler talk there has to be an episode more focused on it.

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