Jim & Pam

13 Dec

Although Jim and Pam have come a long way from just being in the “friend zone“, viewers would not truly be able to appreciate what is Jim and Pam without watching the development of their character relationship over time. The first two seasons of The Officealthough slow-moving, have some of the best and classic moments between this dynamic duo. One of the most important aspects of this phase is the fact that Pam is engaged to Roy Anderson. Although Jim dates a purse saleswoman named Katie, Jim’s first real girlfriend comes in season 3. The first seasons of the show also really show viewers how differently these two characters once acted toward one another, although they have always been close friends. The fact that both of their feelings remained the same for so long and through so much intimate turmoil shows how much they truly care for each other.

Of course, it was most likely the most exciting season premiere ever when Jim and Pam confessed that they were together. I always appreciated the fact that their relationship wasn’t scripted to be a superficial, hard-to-believe lie either. They had their fair share of problems in the beginning, like Jim causing Pam’s parents to split up or Pam’s struggle with art school in New York. The scriptwriters even brought Jim’s ex-girlfriend Karen as well as Pam’s ex-fiance Roy back to test Jim and Pam’s bond. Yet, through the struggles Jim and Pam remained together. Overall, this is my favorite phase of “Jam” because their relationship is still so new and exciting. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the entire office is also ecstatic knowing that Jim and Pam are together. I think viewers just always knew that Jim and Pam would just have to become a couple sooner than later.

The last and recent (and hopefully final) phase of Jim and Pam is their marriage and family stage. Of course the Beesley-Halpert wedding is such a big deal that it had to be spread across two episodes. The best moment of this episode was when Jim cut his tie off to relieve Pam’s worries about her torn veil (a part actually written by Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly). The moment when they learn that Pam is pregnant is basically one of the best Jim and Pam moments ever. Everything from the way that viewers are forced to peek through blinds to intrude on this intimate moment to  Jim almost crying is so perfect. Of course, I’m a girl so my opinion may be a little biased. The delivery episodes are so believable and the antics that the rest of the coworkers and Michael contribute makes them classic episodes. I wish that there was episodes with even a glimpse into the delivery of their second baby, Phillip, because I feel that we don’t see the Halpert children as much as I would have liked.


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