Memorable Women of Michael Scott

13 Dec

JanMichael‘s first girlfriend on the series is Jan Levinson (although named Jan Levinson-Gould before her divorce). Jan and Michael began sleeping together when Jan still held her corporate position at Dunder Mifflin. Michael was initially thrilled to be with Jan, although Jan has never reciprocated this feeling even for a second. After Jan is fired from Dunder Mifflin, she resides, unemployed in Michael’s home, even causing endless financial problems for him. Besides this, Jan has even shown violent and erratic behavior on several occasions, not to mention her skewed sex life. Overall, Jan could appropriately be dubbed a “dragon-lady” who should be avoided at all costs. I think I speak for all viewers when I say that I’m so glad Michael did not continue to date Jan.

Carol StillsCarol Stills, played by Nancy Walls  is #2 in the list of  Michael’s exes. On a side note, Nancy Walls is the real life wife of Steve Carell. Carol Stills is Michael’s real estate agent who sells him his condo in season 2.  Carol has probably been Michael’s most uninvolved girlfriend. Of course the insane Jan is not the biggest fan of Carol and when the two meet in season 2’s finale “Casino Night” their conversation is nothing short of awkward. Michael first drives Carol away when he rashly proposes to her in “Diwali” and she refuses him in front of a huge crowd. He tops this later in “A Benihana Christmas” when he photoshops his face into a Christmas card with Carol, her children and her ex husband. This is the episode where their relationship ends and Carol doesn’t appear again until season 7.

Holly FlaxAlthough I should hate her character in the show for being the cause of Michael Scott leaving Scranton, I can’t. Holly Flax, played by Amy Ryan, is #3 for being Michael’s best girlfriend. That explains why he would marry her then I guess, right? Holly and Michael are alike for a number of reasons. They both love doing impressions and funny voices. They both love improve. In a nut shell, well…they’re both just weird. They have a slightly on and off again relationship and have also had their share of problems. Their first breakup occurs when they painstakingly realize that a long distance relationship is not a viable option. Even when things are good between these two, they still cause problems, for example the episode “PDA”. Holly is the first girlfriend to just be truly loving and caring towards Michael.


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