The Target

13 Dec

*aaaaahh*Let me just say that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced fear while watching The Officebut that changed after this episode’s intro. Obviously we all knew that it would be bad news when Angela found out about Oscar‘s affair with her husband, the “state” senator, but when I saw those scissors clenched in Angela’s vengeful hands I almost had a heart attackSeriously. When Angela confides in Dwight by the vending machine, viewers are reminded of much older episodes with a similar scenario. The unexpected, naked Dwight which appears when they arrange a meeting in the warehouse is a comical break from the intense intro.  I love that Dwight’s feelings for Angela are obvious in this episode, because I feel that since he has found out he isn’t the father of her baby he’s been denying that he loves her nonetheless. Although Dwight wants to help Angela’s cause, he doesn’t want to help her the way that she wants. Dwight later realizes that Oscar is the target when he sees Angela crumble his cookie and then eavesdrops on Oscar’s conversation with the senator. He points out that both Angela and him were the first ones to break her marriage vows. For once, Dwight is the voice of reason. He even tries saving Oscar’s life and Kevin hilariously almost gets mixed up in all the commotion. Angel even seems to be upset however, at the fact that Oscar was supposed to be her friend. The intimate moment with Dwight and Angela near the end of the episode was perfect. Please let Angela and Dwight be together, and please let that be his baby!

"How much wine do you have?"In this episode Jim also takes Phyllis and Stanley out to lunch to convince them to cover for him while he takes some time off to help launch his new business venture in Philly. Jim doesn’t realize what he has gotten himself into until Stanley orders a side of lobster with his lobster and Phyllis inquires about how much wine the restaurant has. Phyllis even pries a giant, decorative bottle of wine off a dividing wall, but not until after she pokes a fellow diner with a knife. In the end though, it turns out that enduring the awkward, stressful lunch with Phyllis and Stanley paid off. I love the scene in the van because it really shows how close the characters have gotten over the years (even if they deny it at times).

*yawn*When it comes to this aspect of “The Target“, I feel like I’ve seen this episode a thousand times. Yet again, Pam is scared to take a chance on something new. Any avid watcher of the show is more than aware of how dry this plot line is. Oh and on a side note, I know we all caught that flirty look Erin gave Pete after his mini motivational speech about mistakes. I really am liking Pete’s addition to the show. (Also, any thoughts on what Jan has done with Clark?!)  Anyway, even though this plot line flowed well, overall I just did not find it overly funny. The only part which made me laugh was when Pam told HeDay to shut up. Oh and by the way, where in the world is Andy?!

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