Top 3 Holiday Episodes

13 Dec

PDAThe Valentine’s Day episode from season 7’s “PDA” is definitely one of my favorite holiday episodes. Since Michael and Holly have just resumed their long paused relationship, their attraction to one another is a little bit too much for either of them to handle. The workers in the office quickly become uncomfortable with Michael and Holly’s open intimacy and a PDA meeting is led by Gabe to subtly hint at the problem. Much to the rest of the offices’ dismay, the rule against PDA in the office only backfires in awkwardness when Holly and Michael are amusing at “not touching each other” (although this happens after Michael and Holly admit their love for each other in front of the entire office). Also, Jim and Pam’s adventure to find a “secret spot” in the business complex is very amusing. Especially the part before where they come back from a lunch with bottomless champagne a little tipsy.

Season 3’s Christmas episode called “A Benihana Christmas” is also a definite favorite of mine. As usual, Michael hogs up the attention of the party with his personal problems, specifically his breakup with Carol in this episode. Andy, Jim and Dwight even accompany him to Benihana in order to cheer him up and they take a couple Asian waitresses with them back to the office’s party. Pam and Karen also team up to throw their own Christmas Party in retaliation to Angela’s tyrant rule in the party planning committee. Also, although Jim at first refuses Pam’s gift of a prank on Dwight to Jim, at the end of the episode he accepts the task. This also happens after Jim confesses to Karen that he still as feelings for Pam.

St. Patrick’s Day” from season 6 has a couple different things going on. First, Jim has come back to work from paternity leave, leaving Pam at home to take care of newborn baby Cece. Dunder Mifflins’s new owner Saber’s CEO Jo Bennett, played by Kathy Bates is in town for one last day before heading back to Florida for a while. Michael mistakes her kindness for southern hospitality and buys a ticket to stay with her on July Fourth Weekend, which she quickly and sternly refutes. By the end of the episode however, Michael has gotten over her outburst and has decided to cancel his trip. The end their interaction on a positive note for their future professional relationship. In addition, Erin and Andy have an in-home date since Erin is sick. Besides some awkward third wheeling by Erin’s foster brother, Andy leaves with a peck on his cheek from Erin. Also, throughout the episode Dwight uses Jim’s baby to steal his desk, causing Jim’s first day back to be more than difficult. At the end of the episode however, Jim gets his revenge as he slyfully steals Dwight’s idea to leave work “early”, as Jo makes everyone stay late.


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